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We Are Survivors offers a variety of training sessions and workshops for professionals and organisations working with or in contact with adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape. Our workshops have been created to provide the most up to date and relevant information that will give participants a working knowledge of the impact and legacy of abuse.

We are happy to tailor our workshop to meet individual organisations needs or address a particular aspect of male victimisation.

We have currently devised the following training courses:

Male Sexual Abuse & Rape Briefing Workshop
An introduction to the sensitive issue of the sexual abuse and rape of boys and men, aimed at giving participants an insight into the impact of abuse, the barriers victims face in disclosing and signposting and referral information.

Working with Male Sexual Abuse & Rape Workshop
A workshop aimed at those client facing practitioners who wish to know more about the impact sexual abuse and rape has on males, whilst finding key strategies for dealing with this issue in the workplace.

Report to Court: Male Survivors and the Legal Process
A workshop aimed at therapists, counsellors, group workers, front line staff who are supporting male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, highlighting the report to court process and what this means for you as a professional.

Male Rape: A Briefing Workshop
A workshop aimed addressing the often ignored issue of male victims of rape. The session will look at the history, case studies and physiology.

Feedback on our recent training courses:

“Amazing! Keep on going and
don’t stop educating us!”

“Constant quality

“Opportunity to contribute
and explore without

“The presentation of the
subject and the interaction
between the facilitator and
the group was fantastic”

“Engaging, informative”

“Able to engage around a very
tricky subject”

To find out about more about our training programmes or to discuss your training needs, please contact us at [email protected]

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