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Callum’s Freedom Run


In 2017 professional boxer Callum ‘Hitman’ Hancock got on a train from Sheffield to Manchester, approx 50 miles, to take that step in facing the impact of the sexual abuse he faced as a child.

Fast forward over a year later and the same man is travelling the same distance to support the organisation that he says “saved my life”. Only the journey this time is slightly different, in fact it’s very different… this time he’s running!

Callum says:

“On 4th September 2018, I heard the news I never expected… the man that sexually abused me as a child pleaded guilty! After years of silence, the world now knew the truth that I’d known since I was a child!

Since I broke my silence on 18th August 2015, the journey to that day in court has been tough but there has always been glimmers of hope. An organisation called Survivors Manchester has been just over the hills holding out their hand ready to catch me when I fall.

Since 2009, Survivors Manchester has provided therapeutic and ISVA support to male victims/survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation across Greater Manchester. Their mission is to break the silence on the sexual violation of boys and men, in order for individuals to begin to understand the impact of these experiences on their current life by working through difficulties and challenges that will enable them to move forward to be free of the past.

I am proud to not only get support from this amazing organisation but also play a part in taking it forward. So I’m running from Sheffield where I was abused to Manchester where I got help, on the anniversary of when court was supposed to finish”

Along the way, Callum was joined by family members, friends and even a cheeky appearance by one of our Ambassadors, Charly Lester and Coronation Street actor, Ryan Clayton.

The event drew a vast amount of publicity for male survivors and the work we do here, but also raised an amazing £2000 for We Are Survivors which was ringfenced for community activities, including the Safe Room.

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