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The 48 Hour DJ


Male rape victim/survivor and professional DJ, Sam Thompson, turned a record in a record breaking 48-hour DJ set on radio!

The Manchester based DJ, took to the decks for two days straight to raise awareness of male rape and sexual violence against men and boys. The mammoth 48-hour long radio show saw Sam, who works under the name DJ Bassduckfresh, play a non-stop set on his radio show on TFB Radio from 7pm on 21 July to 7pm on 23 July 2017, live from Manchester, thanks to the generosity of Toby Whitehouse and team at the Gaydio studios.

Survivors Manchester

Having been a survivor of male rape in 2016, Sam bravely spoke out about his experience and wants to raise awareness of the work and support We Are Survivors (formally Survivors Manchester) gave him and provides for others, as well as raise much needed funds.

Sam said: “When I was attacked last September, I desperately needed help and support to get me through it and Survivors Manchester was there for me. There are so few charities available to help men who have been raped or sexually abused that I wanted to help raise awareness and encourage people that help is out there and to break the silence.”

Duncan Craig, CEO of We ARe Survivors (formally Survivors Manchester) said: “we’re humbled to be able to receive this support from Sam and are extremely proud of him for using his experience to create something extremely positive and let men know its ok to speak out. I would also like to give huge thanks to everybody supporting him in his one of a kind fundraising attempt.”

Sam Thompson added: “I’m excited and ready to throw myself into this epic DJ challenge and feel immensely proud to be supporting such an amazing charity – Survivors”

In the end, Sam raised over £6,000 which went directly into delivering support for men and boys.

Stakeholders and Funders

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