My pen’s run out!

September has been all about reading, researching and writing and wow, the results already have been amazing!

At the beginning of the month, a special trip to the library was in order. Special because for one of the editorial team, this was his first trip to the library. The beautiful Central Library is currently closed for refurbishment so our destination was City Library Manchester (which is actually really lovely inside and the great use of that building on Deansgate). A completed form and £2.50 later, and Manchester City Library has a new member! It was such a genuine honour to be there to witness this individual realise just what this library could help him with. In his words, “you coming here with me was a really good confidence boost”. Personally, I’m surprised his membership card hasnt melted with the amount of times its been used!

He’s also discovered the delights of Google Scholar and is working so hard at writing his pages for the guide.

We have also been able to bring in an artist, Michael Atkins, who is currently undertaking his PHd in Visual Anthropology, to support a number of individuals in developing their creative expression. Michael has been busy working 1:1 with a couple of the group members, teaching them how to use different artist materials such as pencil, watercolours, pen and ink. One of the lads has really found, or rather re-found, his love of drawing which is helping his healing. Like many survivors, drawing was an escape for him during periods of abuse and picking up a pad and pencil has re-mapped his association and restarted his love of creativity.

Editorial meetings have focused on the fruits of our labours’ and as much as I would love to offer a few sneaky peaks, we’re going to save it all until we are finished.

But i can 100% guarantee that you wont be dissapointed!

Coming up next in October is the briefing for our designer, Dave Gee at Jam Cre8tive and what a wonderful task he has, taking all of the brilliant work thats been created and turning it into a design that we all feel meets a brief. Actually, that is an incredibly hard job, but we know we’re in very safe hands (Dave has designed all of our communications from day 1 of We Are Survivors).

We cant wait to see what else October has in store.

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