Eureka! We’ve got a plan!

So we’re now two months into the project and through the editorial meetings, we have collected tonnes of ideas on what should be included in our guide, the main problem we’re going to have now is what we choose to leave out!

However, during the editorial meetings discussions were had between members of what issues needed a page and what issues needed to be mentioned. Now that’s not to say some issues are more important than others, it was more like some issues were more commonly felt by those around the table than other issues.

What is amazing about this project is that in talking about the contents of the guide, everyone involved is revealing something about themselves, their experiences of the legacy of sexual abuse and learning from one another. Sharing experiences and thoughts of where individuals think their current behavior comes from enables others to speak as free and together, learning happens and with learning comes clarity.

Clarity and honesty is the key to healing from sexual abuse! It’s the opposite of the confusion, manipulation and lies that is part of the abuse.

At our last meeting of August, it was time to create the first full draft plan and wow, it was one of the most energised meetings we have had. There was so much discussion and debate, with he result looking something like this…

  • Front Page
  • Inside Front Cover Welcome Page / Acknowledgements / With thanks to
  • Pg 3: Index
  • Pg 4: Abuse the Guide / What is Abuse
  • Pg 5: Survivors Stories Intro / Story 1 / Story 2
  • Pg 6: Story 3 / Story 4
  • Pg 7: Story 5 / Story 6
  • Pg 8: Introduction to Legacy Issues / List of common legacy issues
  • Pg 9: Anxiety / Common Positive & Negative Coping Mechanisms to do with Anxiety
  • Pg 10: Depression / Common Positive & Negative Coping Mechanisms to do with Depression
  • Pg 11: Anger / Common Positive & Negative Coping Mechanisms to do with Anger
  • Pg 12: Charter for Disclosure (Illustrations)
  • Pg 13: Charter for Disclosure (Illustrations)
  • Pg 14: Self Esteem or Self Worth / Vulnerability to abuse or re-abused
  • Pg 15: Suicide / Deliberate Self Harm / A&E Message
  • Pg 16: Guilt / Shame
  • Pg 17: Adult Male Rape (including Physical Reactions, Self Blame)
  • Pg 18: Life after Abuse / Rape / Road to Healing
  • Pg 19: Signs of Abuse / Grooming
  • Pg 20: Sexual Health (including Touch, sexuality, positive & negative coping mechanisms)
  • Pg 21: Coping Mechanisms (including food, gym, drugs, alcohol, avoidance techniques)
  • Pg 22: Relationships / Partners views
  • Pg 23: Forgiveness (including self, others, religion)
  • Pg 24: Reporting It / CICA
  • Pg 25: Myths (including Vampire Syndrome, Weakness, its Gay, Less of a man)
  • Pg 26: Contacts (including tells, local & national help, websites)
  • Inside Back Cover: Diary for reader (What have you done today to work on healing?)
  • Back Cover: (include funders logos)

So now its time to brief the designer and for us all to start researching and getting writing the pages we have chosen and been assigned.

This is so exciting, cant wait to see what September brings!

Stakeholders and Funders

Helpline: 0808 800 5005