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Since we began we have always felt it important to ensure that we have a public profile, not only in order for boys and men to know we exist, but also to begin breaking the silence by starting discussions.


In 2009, Manchester Public Health Development Service funded our first ever publicity and information campaign. As a brand new service, we wanted to make sure we not only broke the silence, but we shattered it, and boy oh boy did we ever! The response was amazing! People were truly taken aback with the striking image that Dave Gee, at Jam Cre8tive, created. The idea of the image being pixelated but as you squint, you begin to see the face really captured the essence of ‘breaking the silence’. All four of the statements on the posters were written by male survivors especially for this project in response to the question… Why Did You Keep Silent

Poster Image 1 Ken Poster Image 2 Steve
Poster 1 (Ken) Poster 2 (Steve)
Poster Image 3 Damon Poster Image 4 Dean
Poster 3 (Damon) Poster 4 (Dean)


The response we got from the original poster campaign was so positive, that we decided to keep the same format but create our own photography. Photographer and visual anthropologist, Michael Atkins, gave up a day of his time to take some brilliant shots that our designer, Dave Gee, at Jam Cre8tive turned into these amazing and powerful images. The words were kindly given to us by a number of brave and insprational male survivors who wanted to stand up and speak out! To them we send out gratitude, thanks and warmest wishes.

Poster Image 1 Onno Poster Image 2 Jose
Poster 1 (Onno) Poster 2 (Jose)
Poster Image 3 Danny Poster Image 4 Scott
Poster 3 (Danny)
Poster 4 (Scott)
Poster Image 5 Andrew Poster Image 6 James
Poster 5 (Andrew) Poster 6 (James)

Help us spread the word

Underneath each poster image, you will see a PDF link which if pressed, will open a full size PDF poster that you can print out and stick on your local cafe notice board, G.P Surgery, Dentist waiting room, Chemist, Community Centre, Petrol station, pub toilets, supermarket community boards, etc.

If you put a poster up, why not send us a picture or a drop us an email and we will start creating a map of where we’re breaking the silence across Greater Manchester! You can send all updates to [email protected]

Stakeholders and Funders

Helpline: 0808 800 5005