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We Are Survivors is honoured to be allowed to help promote this fantastic project. My Name Is Project began when Christopher De Serres created a video and posted it online.

Christopher told us…

A few years ago, I made a video montage called My Name Is Chris. I felt it was important to recognize that I was traumatized and the video was one expression of the toll it has taken on my life. Yet there is another story to be told. There is a place in us that no abuse can touch. That is my truth. Every survivor of trauma has their truth, whether they decide to share it or not. The My Name Is Project is simply a way to share your truth. I’ve received so much good response from survivors about My Name Is Chris. I just felt that My Name Is Chris shouldn’t be an end, but rather a beginning. I want to know what your name is. I want to know about your story. So the My Name Is Project is really just the story of abuse in the world and the story of hope. But it can only be that with enough brave survivors willing to come forward and express it.

The goal of My Name Is Project is to create a community of video survivor stories that will educate the public and inspire other survivors to break the silence. Here at We Are Survivors, we want to help Chris make this possible and are delighted to be able to host a page for the project.

Since Christopher began the project, many people have created their own videos in response to this project. Click here to see the many responses this amazing piece of work prompted.

If you’d like to be involved find out more about the My Name Is Project, then click here and go straight to the project website.

Stakeholders and Funders

Helpline: 0808 800 5005