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You Took Something From Me


by Francis

You took something from me.
Something that I can never get back.
You’ve been there in the back of my mind.
Eating away at my psyche.
Playing with my emotions.
Laughing in my ear,
Silently to others,
But louder than a church bell peeling to me.
I was a powerless child,
Left alone in a world,
In a world of your sick depravity.
You made me do things beyond my comprehension.
You hurt me in such a way that no child should be hurt.
And if I’m truly honest, I think I pity you.
I pity your weakness, but I’ll never in my life forgive you.
Because of you, I found solace in a bag of brown powder.
That was the only way I could alienate the pain I felt inside.
The only way I could cope on a daily basis.
I just wanted you to know how you ripped my life apart,
For your sick perverted pleasure.
Sad as it sounds, one thing I can thank you for is dying.

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