survivors manchester

The Secret


by KS

Don’t think I don’t know just what you are
I was just a kid, you went too far
abused my body, abused my heart
I should have known it was wrong right from the start
making me do things no boy should do
I was too young, I didn’t have a clue

Now the secret begins to unfold
my body is lonely
locked out in the cold

I blame myself when I should have blamed you
everyone thought I was weird through and through
because I kept the secret that nobody knew

I started to use drugs
to hide the pain
that you put me through
you drove me insane

In your bedroom
you called it your game
your just a dirty silly little creep
when I got home I would try to sleep
too much pain

I would lay and weep
for some strange reason I wouldn’t tell
everytime I see that house
it reminds me of my living hell
but you cant control me now
i’ve broken your spell

The truth is now out
so I wish you well
and when you die
I hope you rot in hell
All my problems now
I don’t dwell

I’ve got the eye of the tiger
but the fight wasn’t a thrill
it’s been a hard battle getting over
that mountain hill

It was out of sight
but always in mind
sometimes it got hard
to find the way through
this misery and pain of mine
this is the secret that I buried alive
but not no more
I’m out to survive!

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