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The Monster


By John

I’m John, a dog groomer from Dublin.

I’ve worked with animals for most of my life and opened a dog grooming salon in Manchester in 1992. It was while working at this grooming salon that I was subjected to a vicious and callous rape that my Northern Inuit puppy, Indie, tried bravely to save me from.

I have post-traumatic stress disorder but have learned to manage this on a daily basis thanks to the help I received from my family and friends, We Are Survivors, Greater Manchester Police and St Mary’s Centre.

They helped me to get through the court experience and see THE MONSTER sent to prison for 15 months. He’s on the sex offenders register for 10 years and will never be able to visit a country that requires a visa or work with vulnerable people.

His actual sentence was for 4 years but the judicial system being what it is in this country, he was to serve 15 months.

Originally he was meant to be released in February 2011 but he was gate arrested on his release and sent back to prison! HA! He spent time in a hostel and was due to be released again in July but broke his licence conditions and is now, as I am writing, back in prison.

The impact rape has had on my life cannot be overestimated. It has affected every aspect of my daily life but I am getting the power back with support. He raped me and I have to carry this legacy! It’s not fair is it?

But now, through support, I no longer feel ashamed or blame myself as I used to. I feel proud, no, really proud that I sent that MONSTER to prison for one of the worst violations of another human being… Rape.

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