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survivors manchester

Role Models


by Kman

ma role modl int no won famus wat got money
ma role modl is sum won dat gets money frm ova ppl to hlp ppl
he ma role modl cos hes helpd me moer dan ne ova ppl
n is alweys der n dnt get fukd of wiv me wen am bad he steys der
n he alweys finkin bowt he can hlp ova ppl not him self
I dnt fink ur role modls alweys gota b ppl wats famus
but dey can b ppl wat r leginds in ova weys
n for doin gud fings for efry won

wen am olda I wana be like dis guy
cos he bin fru shit
but now he alreit n helpn ova ppl wat bin fru shit
cos he nos wat it like
n I wana b like him cos
hes sik n he beleves in fings
n wnts ova ppl to beleve it to
so ppl dnt av to hide n be scard no moer

he alweys finkin new weys of helpn
n he tarks to me like a adult not a kid
n lisens to wat I wnt so I dnt feel on ma own no moer
I wana b like him cos he got famly n meats wat repect him for wat he doin
n da twat I wnt to

I wana be a man liek him

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