survivors manchester

Ma Holyoaks Rime


by Kman (agid 16)

lots of ppl finsh wrk n scool
ppl wach wat dey finks cool
if u old u probly liek emerdale
n ppl wach tely evan if der in jale

i fink on tely holyoks is teh best
sumtims it funy liek sein denis in a vest
and sum tims it propa funy
but most tim it cos it reel

i seen wen jon paul got rapd
dat was reel
ppl wachin it fort it sad
sum ppl fort it wer bad

i dnt just wach it cos teh girls r fit
i wach it cos it tels truf
holyoks aint full of shit

sum tim i dnt feel liek a normel kid
cos of al the fings ma dad did
b holy oks showd efrywon
abus can apen to ne won

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