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Like Father Like Son


By Darryl

These are words people use, but I am a real father like son story.

Because like my dad, I ended up in jail, also his life was run by gambling and always looking for that big score, which I also have run most of my 40 years life looking but never finding?

But the most damaging thing is my dad was a convicted burglar and also used me at a young age to climb through windows for him, which in the end, has turned my life in a way that I am doing 10 years for burglary now,

but am not blaming my dad for all the way I have turned out, because I was put into local authority care at 12 years old and was abused by my art teacher and couple of other people too, which has played a big part of my life, where I’ve not been able to talk about it until now.

I suffer from bipolar which I am living with, but me being like my dad in his last years lived on his own, like me.

He turned to the bottle which I have tried but couldn’t cope with the after effects.

But now I feel I need to help the young people who don’t know what a sad road life is if you let things out of control.

As a survivor of my double abuse I now feel in a better place to help people who might be going through similar things.

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