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It Took A Long Time To See

by Ky

It took a long time to see,
that the fault wasnt on me.
I felt alone and depressed,
and lived a life just stressed.

I drank and did drugs to forget,
about the past that gave me regret.
I found out about the pictures online,
my pain and suffering started to incline.

I thought death could be the only answer,
those pictures just swarmed me
like they were cancer.

It took a while for me too see,
that I needed my community.
I tried my hardest to push them away,
so I didnt have to face another day.
I thought I can still do it all by myself,
Just shove it in the past
and put it on a shelf.

I truly started to feel the support from all,
but I was scared to break down my wall.
I broke it down once in the past,
and had my trust shattered in mass.

But after a while of being shown compassion and love,
I thought I should give it a try and gave myself a shove.
It was still a struggle
because of the trauma before,
but I just said thats it
ignore it no more.

I needed to be vulnerable
and learn how to trust,
to be free and happy
in life this is a must.

I started being open with
my community
and little did I know,
That I was being vulnerable
to myself and it really did show.

I broke my wall and could not feel prouder,
of the boy that opened up and regained his power.

I now know that
I never have to feel afraid and alone,
through friendship and family I’ve gained
I know I’m home.

So now I am finally able to see,
That this is the right community for me!

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