survivors manchester



By Andrew

These boundaries are invisible to all of you
But to me they’re real and they cause me a real to-do
Many a time without even knowing it each one of you steps into my safe zone
I’m screaming inside. Get out! Get out!
But deep down all I want is for you to stay

Don’t touch me, I’ll touch you
Why aren’t you touching me?
Is it me or is it you?
I said don’t touch me, I’ll repeat it again
Please touch me again and again

A hug is a door to a scary place
What if I get hurt?
Make a terrible mistake?
I crave your affection but on my terms
I’m scared you’ll reject me so I skip my turn

Where’s the door? Where’s the exit?
Quick let’s all panic and look pathetic
Look at him over there he looks dejected

Don’t stand over me, don’t block me in
My heart will race and I’ll lose my grin
That hand on my leg is nothing to you
But my mind is racing
What to do? What to do?

All I ask is you respect my space
I can’t help who I am
Believe me I try
All I want is to be a happy guy

It’s a terrible shame
I wish I could share with you this mental pain

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