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About Twenty Grand


by Damon

So as goes the song,
love is for sale,
How much did I cost?
Was it was good I was male?

Was I worth all the effort just to get me to yours?
Was it worth all the lies just to get me indoors?

Did I make you feel dirty?
Did I make you feel shit?
Did I make you feel hopeless?
Like you wanted to quit?

Did you scrub off the smell
till your skin turned blood red?
boil all of your clothes,
and inside feel dead?

Did I cost you relationships?
Did I cost you great loss?
Did I cost you some heartache?
No, you dint’ give a toss!

Did you work extra hard
just to pay that but more?
Did you see me the boy
or just me as the whore?

You know that the porn, was the thing kept me hard?
Did you think it was you… you fucking retard!

Your a fat smelly bastard
who had to pay money,
Your wife wouldn’t fuck you, I thought that was funny.
I was fucked as a kid,
and the legacy of that,
meant I thought it was normal
to fuck you you twat.

You planted the seed,
that shouldn’t have grown,
Saving children from you,
just me on my own.

I now see the reality
of just what you are,
You’re a pedo, a predator
Should be put behind bars.

The money I earned
plus the hundreds I stole,
Doesn’t pay for the heartache
or the now tainted soul.

The cost of the cars,
the cost of the flat,
The price that I paid
weren’t worth none of that.

But I found inner peace
with the help of some friends,
Its sometimes a struggle
but I do see an end

The support I’ve received
fills me full of real love,
from my fella to you guys,
it rains down from above.

So listen up Malcolm,
Leicester Andrew and Del,
I’ll give you instructions,
Get to fuck,
Rot in hell!

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