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NGY Radio Show


We are proud to support the NGY (Next Generation Youth) Radio Show which airs every Thursday on Unity FM – The Real Sound of The City and a leading, independent, dance and urban music station, broadcasting across the Manchester region on 92.8FM, and around the world on and through their iphone and android app.

The NGY Mission is for young people to help other young people explore and understand what is, and what is not, a healthy relationship so that, they can grow up to lead safer and happier lives. Working with support from the GMCASE (Greater Manchester Campaign Against Child Sexual Exploitation) the projects outputs are focused on providing education and raising awareness of CSE, and training young people to use the media tools to be able to share their findings and spread their learning.

Each week the NGY meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings for planning , preparation, and radio broadcast training workshops, working with experienced Unity staff, guest presenters, and regular Local and National music stars to, interview about their exclusive new music.

Unity Radio has music to suit all tastes and broadcasts, a diverse music selection including Hip Hop, Grime, UK Garage, Drum + Bass, and House, as well as championing a range of urban skills including Graffiti, B-Boying and Turntablist communities, which can be experienced at Unity HQ, when passing through, or taking part in specialist workshop activity.

The NGY Show is aimed at young people (up to and including those aged 18) in the Greater Manchester area, from all backgrounds, including those most vulnerable, at risk, and who have experienced CSE.

Young people can join the NGY through both by referral and directly contacting Unity Radio (although Universal recruitment has not been initiated, yet). Referral forms distributed, amongst GMCASE partners with the intention of being offered to service clients will, require the form to be filled in by a young person and their case worker. Forms will then be submitted for consideration and Unity Radio will contact the applicants for suitability interview.

Unity Radio has created a new safeguarding document for the NGY project with support from NSPCC, which directly provides young people from referrals with appropriate safeguards within the project. Based upon recommendations, Unity Radio, has a dedicated toilet for the young people which is directly visible to all the young people adjacent to the main training room. DBS checked professionals accompany the workshop group at all times in the building, and are solution focus trained to be able to recognize any signs of anxiety, trauma, distress, self-harm or issues such as Homelessness, and to immediately complete a record and refer the young people to Manchester City Councils out of hours support or contact the NSPCC childline for guidance.

The NGY show is funded by GMPCC (Greater Manchester Police Crime Commissioner) and GMCASE partners, including Banardos, Children’s Society, We Are Survivors, and has in-kind support from Brook and NSPCC. The Sessions are therefore free to access for all young people in the GM area.

The NGY SHOW requires a minimum of 4 hours (2 days attendance) per week to be able to contribute to, and benefit from, the show and experience.

Professionals can refer young people by calling Unity Radio project lead, Jon Green, and requesting an application / referral form.

Unity Radio has archived all the NGY SHOW’s. Currently debating how best to upload the shows to avoid the additional mechanical copy right fee’s, required for listen back of music, this has not yet been established. However the shows are being distributed directly and can be shared with any young people or practitioners who wish to share and download the file links. However, NGY Show has created a small video:

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Helpline: 0808 800 5005