survivors manchester

My Verse


by Michael

Im so fucked up
I just don’t know what i want.
My mind is never made up
It’s like having to choose a font.

Designed by the nurture of society…
It’s scum.
I choose to live a life alone,
’cause I just can’t trust anyone.

My hearts been raped
My mind abused.
In win win situations
I’m the one who’ll always lose.
My body is just salvage
That’s all I feel im worth
Society it stole from me
And I crave a rebirth.

When the troubles of the world
Are all leaning on my shoulders,
I make time to sit and write my solemn words.
I find it helps to find a meaning
And to understand the feeling
And assits me in relinquishing my load.

I succumb to my senses,
I cut down the fences.
I liquidise my weight in scrap,
Reshape my life and claim it back.

I steal back the power that is mine.

My heart was raped,
My mind abused,
A childhood situation I was destined to lose…
My body was just salvage,
That’s all I felt that I was worth.
Society it stole from me,
But now I have rebirthed.

And i’ll never let them get to me
They’ll never have my soul
They’ll never take another life
Nor get to dig another hole.

They’ll never underestimate
The child in me who grew…
The adult who survived the pain
Of the childhood he once knew.

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